Window tint is one of the most common purchases for car owners and has become increasingly popular in recent years, be it for aesthetic enhancement or provide long-lasting protection for vehicles occupants and their car…and with good reason.

1. Reduction in Fading
Having tint professionally applied to your vehicle will protect the interior of your car from fading due to harsh sunlight. SunTeks premium grade tint is able to minimize any sun damage that will overtime fade the upholstery and damage and discolor the Trim.
2. Heat Regulation
South Australia, the driest State on the driest continent! Your car gets hot pretty quickly right? SignTech’s tint is a great way to keep the car interior cool and helps the Air conditioner work more efficiently, in turn reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear.

3. UV Blockout
Harmful ultraviolet rays can not only damage your car’s interior, they can also be harmful to the bodies on the otherside of the glass as a result of long hours driving under the hot Australian sun. SignTech’s SunTek tint blocks up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays protecting your passengers and your car’s interior.

4. Privacy & Security
Window tint also adds a layer of security making it harder for criminals to peer inside your car at night.

Tinting Laws in South Australia

In South Australia, you are required to have a minimum of 35% VLT for all front side windows and at least 20% VLT for back, side and rear windows. The front windscreen is only allowed to have a thin strip equalling to 10% on the uppermost part of the windshield.
Other regulations can include:

  • Windows behind the driver must have 20% visible light transmission effective as of February 2018.
  • All reflective or mirror-like film must not have a reflectance level over 10%.
  • All interior car windows must allow for over 70% light transmission.
  • Any vehicle made before 1971 may have a VLT of 70% on the front windscreen.

Find out more on car window tinting laws in SA.

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